Deliberative practice for action on insight

This project will kick-start a cooperative governance approach to energy demand management and reduction on the path to Net Zero. Working closely with key policy, industry, and third sector interests, and with the public, we will create plans and pathways for accelerating energy demand reduction.

The project includes:

  • A deliberative panel of policy and related professionals from across multiple sectors;
  • Workshops to help develop key insights and approaches together with relevant actors;
  • A rapid evidence review of key issues;
  • Public debates across the four nations of the UK; and,
  • Combining efforts across other deliberative project activities across the Energy Demand Research Centre.

This project will generate understanding of key co-benefits for health and well-being that can help to reduce energy demand. We will apply a whole-systems approach to embed energy demand governance across the UK’s policy landscape. We will also contribute to developing a diverse and highly skilled community of energy demand researchers, practitioners and leaders.

Research questions: our main research questions are:

  • How can the political feasibility of proven and potential energy demand reduction measures be better understood, supported and co-created through inclusive participatory governance?
  • What changes to social ideas of quality of life (including concepts of comfort and well-being) and economic paradigms are required to support the institutional change that will deliver the energy demand measures required to meet Net Zero goals in the UK?
  • In democratic settings, what framings, institutional changes and governance models, and at which scales, can disrupt existing unsustainable energy demand practices and facilitate systemic change?