Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At EDRC, we are committed to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI), and want to use these principles to build an inclusive and welcoming culture. From EDI perspective, we want our culture to reflect:

  • Collaboration and collegiality. We respect the variety of contributions made by both the consortium, and the wider community of stakeholders with whom we will interact.
  • Openness and integrity. We will undertake activities in an open, inclusive, and transparent way for the Centre and community, and we will commit to avoiding actions or decisions which lead to personal benefit.
  • Freedom to express ourselves, in a way which is respectful of others. We want to nurture talent, to enable people to express themselves through their interactions with the Centre in ways which are creative and fun, but also mindful of our differences.
  • Fairness. We want everyone to feel we give fair access to opportunities.

Our full EDI Strategy and Plan has been published in early 2024, and it consists of the following sections:

  1. Our approach to EDI
    – Aim & Vision
    – Governance
    – Monitoring
  2. Recruitment
  3. Working practices
  4. Career development
  5. Working culture
  6. Communications and Events

We have made a conscious effort to ensure that the team creating and championing our EDI strategy reflects the diversity of the EDRC team across the consortium (including members at different roles and career stages ). Before our full EDI strategy and plan is published, we will seek reviews from both our internal EDI working team, as well as external reviews from EDI experts.
Our EDI engagement will be ongoing and will include feedback and measuring tools for continual improvement. We build on good EDI practice undertaken for example at the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions.
EDRC has dedicated time costed into the proposal for our EDI champion, Prof Meysam Qadrdan from Cardiff University. There is also a broad EDI working group on the project, which includes:

  • Prof Mari Martiskainen
  • Prof Sara Walker
  • Dr Meysam Qadrdan
  • Dan Massey
  • Tina Shield
  • Dr Christian Calvillo Munoz
  • Dr Huebner, Gesche
  • Prof Greg Marsden
  • Dr Gerardo Alonso Torres Contreras
  • Dr Jose Luis Ramirez-Mendiola
  • Dr Liu, Lirong
  • Dr Marie Claire Brisbois
  • Dr Mia Ben