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Response to the Climate Change Committee consultation for the 7th Carbon Budget

January 2024

This report outlines the response from the Energy Demand Research Centre (EDRC) to the CCC’s consultation on how they should go about establishing their advice on the total GHG emissions within the 7th Carbon Budget (2037 to 2042). This time period represents a late stage of the UK’s climate journey with the ambition of being net zero by 2050.

Our themes

Our interdisciplinary and collaborative research programme is arranged in five main research themes of Futures, Flexibility, Place, Governance and Equity. These themes cut across different scientific disciplines from engineering to social sciences, exploring the combined technological, economic and societal solutions that can deliver energy demand reductions in buildings, transport and industry.

“Our experienced team produces innovative energy demand research on industry, buildings and transport. We answer the key research question of how to deliver reductions in energy demand to tackle the challenge of climate change. We provide robust evidence that supports the reduction of energy use whilst ensuring affordable use of energy, better energy security and improved quality of life.”

Energy Demand Research Centre (EDRC) team