The Governance theme directly addresses the challenges of delivering a low energy future through an innovative programme working closely across EDRC themes. Through a mix of collaborative methods, this theme addresses how to embed reduced energy demand as a central part of UK’s Net Zero governance across local, regional and national scales.

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Embedding action on energy demand in governance

How can new governance systems be co-created and implemented to support top down and bottom-up uptake of energy demand reductions across policy, citizen and industrial spheres? The Governance theme answers this question with a research and action programme that helps identify politically feasible routes to overall energy demand reduction and decarbonisation.

Delivery of a Net Zero society is too slow. The wider enablers for a faster transition, such as public acceptability and greater co-ordination across sectors and local and national scales are underdeveloped as highlighted by the Climate Change Committee.

The Governance theme tackles these challenges through a set of inter-linked projects, working closely with other EDRC themes and with key partners in industry, government and communities.

We use inclusive, collaborative and traditional research methods to take account of the roles of public, private and voluntary organisations can contribute to change, what we need to develop new jobs and skills for energy transition, as well as how social norms and practices, such as refrigeration of food, thermal comfort at home and our use of different transport modes, connect to managing energy demand.

“Governance, how we collectively make and implement policy choices, will be a key tool in supporting the UK’s transition towards Net Zero by 2050, a crucial goal if we are to meet the challenge of preventing catastrophic climate change impacts. It is very exciting to have the opportunity to co-produce decision pathways towards energy demand reductions, involving communities, industry, and policy-makers at all scales across our four nations.”