The Energy Demand Research Centre (EDRC) undertakes research for an affordable and secure low energy future. Our interdisciplinary research programme identifies evidence-based energy demand reductions for a sustainable and more equitable future. We work closely with partners from policy, industry, civil society and academia.

Our approach

Energy demand, which means the way people consume energy in homes, buildings, transport and industrial process, has a key part to play as we address climate change and move towards net zero societies.

The energy transition means a change in the way energy is used. Energy demand reductions provide a unique opportunity to bring benefits through improved energy efficiency, emissions reductions, energy security, reduced inequality and better quality of life.

Research has a central role in providing evidence on how change in energy demand can be delivered. We champion interdisciplinary and whole systems research as energy demand is complex. This requires the consideration of technological solutions, innovative business models, flexibility, behaviour change, and robust governance in buildings, transport and industry. Our research investigates how energy demand reductions can be delivered on a local and national level across the UK. We have co-created our research programme with partners to produce actionable outputs.

EDRC was established in July 2023 with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). EDRC consortia is made up of 13 universities across the UK and is led by the Universities of Sussex and Birmingham.

Energy Demand Research Centre (EDRC) team

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Our brand and values

We are committed to collaborative working and the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) across everything that we do. Our approach and working practices are based on five core values:

  • Fair to people and the planet
  • Transparent in our approach
  • Bold in our thoughts and actions
  • Open to different points of view
  • Impactful towards the future of energy demand

Our brand and website were designed by Altogether who considered our values, accessibility and energy consumption of the EDRC website and communications tools. In the EDRC logo, the equal circles coming together represent the five main research themes, the equal circles suggest a focus on equal energy futures and the gradiating colour fading to the core suggest energy demand reduction