Maximising equity outcomes of energy demand solutions


This project aims to explore how the deployment of different energy demand solutions could be designed and deployed in ways that could result in maximised equity in diverse communities with access to varying supply vectors and the design/deployment of demand reduction options.

This project will define an equity objective function through a literature review and collaboration across themes and stakeholders, which will address multiple dimensions such as emissions, environment, population, income, age and technology accessibility. In addition, various energy demand solutions will be explored, including technical, social and governance aspects of energy demand reduction. An energy-demand-centred optimisation model will be developed to maximise equity and be applied to communities located in different places to fully reflect the diversity of local systems. The project will be able to reveal who wins and who loses as different energy demand measures are implemented and further suggest optimized options to ensure that all people and communities can reap the benefits of energy transition.

The methods/analysis used will include a literature review, stakeholder engagement, and energy system modelling (mixed integer optimization model).

Research questions:

  • How to measure and quantify equity in terms energy demand reduction in local community?
  • How to design and deploy energy demand reduction solutions to maximise equity?