Industrial low energy future


Visions of a low energy future consider the energy demand within the UK. However, industrial energy demand from other countries is required to provide all the goods and services associated with UK consumption. At present, 60% of the industrial energy demand required to satisfy UK consumption occurs outside the UK. There have been detailed discussions about “on-shoring” which involves increasing production inside the UK to satisfy UK consumption and therefore being less reliant on imports. This project will consider the energy demand implications of industrial strategies that attempt to onshore production. This involves collaborating with the Place theme. It has the potential to feed directly into the inter-section between regional economic and labour policy and energy / climate targets.

Research questions:

  • What is the future of the UK’s consumption-based emissions?
  • How can UK strategies that change UK consumption patterns reduce energy demand outside the UK?
  • What are the implications of growing the UK’s manufacturing base on energy demand both inside and outside the UK?