Joint response to DESNZ consultation on: The Home Energy Model – Future Homes Standard assessment


Ramirez-Mendiola, J. L., Jacopo T., Smith, S. T., Shahrestani, M., & Mohareb, E.


University of Reading Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group and EDRC welcome and support wholeheartedly DESNZ’s initiative to develop enhanced frameworks for the energy rating of dwellings that are fit for the challenges associated with the Net Zero agenda.

The new Home Energy Model has the potential to become a very valuable resource for the assessment of energy performance across the UK housing stock, and one that is more in line with the decarbonisation ambitions for the residential sector.

In our joint response, we provide a series of observations as well as recommendations to contribute to the improvement of positive elements of the framework, and to address issues which we think could lead to undesirable consequences.