Dr Jose Ramirez-Mendiola

Research Fellow University of Reading
Jose Ramirez-Mendiola EDRC

Jose Ramirez-Mendiola is a Research Fellow with the Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group at the University of Reading. His work focuses on the development of Energy Demand Modelling and Data Analysis tools to support Demand Flexibility research, and the transition to Net-Zero energy systems.

His work as part of the Energy Demand Research Centre will explore the issues around the quantification of Demand Flexibility potential in the residential sector, with a view to developing robust characterisation methodologies and frameworks that allow for the provision of fast and reliable estimates of the Flexibility harnessing potential.

His previous work has explored the relationship between residential activity patterns and energy consumption patterns. To support this effort, he has developed stochastic, agent-based, and machine learning models. He has also developed online tools for the visualisation of energy demand and activity patterns and their flexibility (energy-demand-flexibility.co.uk). Before joining EDRC, he was a researcher at the Centre for Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS), working with the Flexibility theme.