Which net-zero policies do people want? Local Green New Deals Webinar

Which net-zero policies do people want? Local Green New Deals Webinar

A politically feasible and transformative plan to achieve climate, social and economic goals through ‘Local Green New Deals’.

Find out about the local and regional policies which are favoured by citizens and can help achieve the UK’s net-zero climate goals while also providing social, economic and environmental benefits.

The insights from this webinar are based on research carried out in the North of Tyne and Greater Brighton regions, including surveys and focus groups to investigate what citizens think of a range of climate mitigation options.

The webinar will see the launch of our new report, Local Green New Deals: A transformative plan for achieving the UK’s climate, social and economic goals, which is co-authored by the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) and the New Economics Foundation.

The report covers policy recommendations to deliver the transformation needed to achieve net-zero, and provides evidence of high levels of public support for these policies and their associated benefits.


The UK is attempting to address the climate emergency in the face of rising inequality and stagnant economic growth. Local Green New Deal policies offer the opportunity to tackle these challenges by reducing energy usage and emissions, while delivering multiple social, environmental and economic benefits which are valued highly by the public.

As well as presenting implementable Green New Deal policy ideas and insights from residents in two different areas of the UK about their preferred net zero policies and co-benefits priorities, we will have a panel discussion and Q&A with key Green New Deal thinkers and actors.

The presentations will introduce the study and go into more detail about the four most popular options that were chosen using the citizen engagement process:

  • Cheaper, warmer, lower carbon homes
  • Affordable, sustainable public transport
  • Car-free city centres and active travel
  • Expanding green spaces and nature restoration

We will also make proposals for a Local Green New Deal for a UK region that include a series of recommendations for an increased role for local government across three domains:

  • New institutions for delivery
  • New powers
  • New funding

There will also be a chance to discuss what would be needed to implement the proposals.


11:30 – 11:35: Welcome and background to the report (Prof. Tim Foxon)

11:35 – 12:00: Presentation of Local Green New Deals report findings and policy proposals (Dr Donal Brown & team)

12:00 – 12:20: Responses to report from panel

12:20 – 12.50: Panel discussion and Q&A

12:50 – 13.00: Plenary – feedback and next steps

Who this webinar is for:

This webinar is aimed at those working on – or interested in – local action to address climate, social and economic goals, and engaging local populations with these agendas, including local authorities and local government actors, regional bodies, policymakers and stakeholders.

What we hope you get out of the webinar:

– Implementable Green New Deal policy ideas at local and regional levels.

– Access to insights from residents in two different areas of the UK about which net-zero policies are most favoured, and therefore politically more feasible to implement.

After the event:

The speakers’ presentations will be sent out to all participants, with any unpublished data removed, and the report will be made available on the CREDS website.