Prof Stefan Bouzarovski

Co-Investigator, Professor of Human Geography University of Manchester
Stefan Bouzarovski EDCR

Stefan Bouzarovski is a Professor of Human Geography at the University of Manchester, where he leads the People and Energy Collaborative within the Manchester Urban Institute and acts as a Manchester Energy Ambassador for the Faculty of Humanities. His research and policy contributions have focused on the development of new conceptual and methodological approaches to identify and address urban social inequalities, particularly in relation to low-carbon transformations and environmental governance more broadly. He has a strong interest in the political ecologies of just transitions across multiple sites of governance, as well as new forms of social exclusion, labour and care arising in the low-carbon era. He has written three monographs on these topics, in addition to one textbook and four edited collections (publishers include Oxford University Press, Routledge, Elgar and Palgrave). Additionally, his scientific work has been published in more than 150 peer-reviewed articles and chapters in leading human geography, social environmental science, energy and urban studies journals. In working to address energy inequalities, he has worked closely with local, global and national policy organisations such as the World Bank, United Nations, International Energy Agency, UK Government and Parliament, as well as the European Union (EU). He was named an ‘ordinary hero’ in the EU Protects campaign, for his efforts to combat energy poverty and reduce social inequality. In 2021, his research was shortlisted for a Times Higher Education award, as well as a Falling Walls prize.