Prof Christian Brand

Professor of Transport, Energy and Climate Change University of Oxford

Christian is Professor of Transport, Energy and Climate Change at the University of Oxford with research interests in the integrated analysis of transport-energy-environment-health systems at various scales. He has established an international reputation for policy-relevant expertise in transport and energy systems and climate change mitigation, evidenced through sustained engagement with international bodies including the World Health Organization, World Bank, and the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

He is currently Co-Director and Energy for Mobility theme co-lead of the UK Energy Research Centre, where he is leading projects on energy-transport systemic change and deep decarbonisation pathways for transport. He is Co-Investigator of ELEVATE, a major research project exploring the role that electrically assisted modes of transport including e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, e-scooters and e-trikes might have in reducing mobility-related energy demand and carbon emissions. He is Co-investigator on the FCDO’s Climate Compatible Growth programme working with local partners in low and middle income countries on transport decarbonisation. He is also Co-I on Energy Demand Observatory and Laboratory, leading work on electric mobility. He recently led ground-breaking research on evaluating the health, carbon and mobility impacts of active travel interventions, working with British, European and global partners such as the WHO.