Dr. Paulina Gonzalez-Martinez

Knowledge Exchange Associate University of Strathclyde

As a Knowledge Exchange Associate, Paulina focuses on impact and engagement activities related to stakeholder engagement and effectively communicating the Centre’s work and research.

Paulina has over ten years of experience working across public, private, and academic sectors. For her doctoral research on the political economy of electricity in Mexico, she spent more than ten months working at the Mexican Electrical Workers Union in Mexico City.  She also tutored in climate change, energy policy, development, and anthropology courses. During this time, Paulina collaborated with the Mexican civil society organisation ‘Gender Issues’ as the lead consultant on the Gender and Climate Change nexus, participating in the UNFCCC’s Gender Day activities at COP25 and COP26. Previously, Paulina worked for the executive and legislative branches of the Mexican government at the local and federal levels at institutions like the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Mexican Senate, among others.