Mr Oliver Broad

Senior Research Fellow University College London
Oliver Broad EDRC

Oliver Broad’s research at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources focuses on developing and using optimisation modelling frameworks to support long-term energy planning. Oliver’s main interest is in using a whole systems approach to assess different future energy pathways and to unpick their implications for national, regional and local energy policy. Key topic areas for this include renewables, residential and industrial heat decarbonisation, biomass and bioenergy, and, more recently, carbon capture and storage. The interconnected and global nature of climate challenges have led Oliver to work both in domestic UK and international contexts in the Global South. Finally, the inherently social nature of the energy-climate problem means an interest, and taking increasing part, in research that bridges modelling and social science.

Oliver’s active involvement in UK research since joining UCL in 2017 has included collaborations with UKERC phases 3&4, CREDS, CO2RE, and CCG. It has also meant working with UK government departments responsible for long-term energy planning to co-develop their energy modelling tools and capabilities. Prior to 2017, Oliver worked on modelling projects in collaboration the World Bank and the United Nations with a clearer focus on energy planning and capacity building in developing Africa and Latin America.