Dr Michael Fell

Researcher Co-investigator, Senior Research Fellow University College London
Michael Fell EDRC

Michael Fell is a senior research fellow at UCL Energy Institute. His work focuses on social aspects of energy use, in particular people’s desire and ability to provide flexibility in electricity systems by changing usage patterns. He is a researcher co-investigator on the UKRI Energy Demand Research Centre, where his work explores how access to the benefits of flexibility provision can be accessed most broadly. He is also a research co-investigator on the UKRI project Beyond Individual Persuasion, focusing on the potential for interactive visualisation and environmental sensing to support collective energy and environmental action.

His previous work has explored people’s demand for domestic demand-side response product offerings such as time of use electricity tariffs. Together with colleagues he developed Watts the Deal? (wattsthedeal.org) (the peer-to-peer energy trading board game) and Should I Bake? (shouldibake.com) (which helps people schedule baking for times when there is more renewable electricity on the grid). He also runs pump:chic (pumpchic.com), which allows you to “test drive” a heat pump. He was seconded to the UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy during 2017-18, and in 2013 undertook a POST/EPSRC Fellowship in the House of Commons Library (briefing MPs on subjects in science and the environment). Prior to joining UCL he was the energy commissioning editor at Earthscan (a leading publisher of books and journals in sustainability).