Dr Aruna Sivakumar

Co-investigator, Reader in consumer demand modelling and urban systems Imperial College London
Aruna Sivakumar EDRC

Aruna Sivakumar is reader in the Centre for Transport Engineering and Modelling, Imperial College London and director of the Urban Systems Lab. She leads (and has led) several smart city and systems modelling initiatives funded by EPSRC (e.g. EP/Y010078/1, EP/R045518/1 and EP/M027988/1), ESRC, EU Horizon 2020, Shell Inc in the UK, and SMRT Singapore etc; and she co-leads the Environment and Urban Life research area of the ESRC-funded LISS DTP. Aruna has over 20 years of experience in transport+energy research in UK/Europe and the US, as well as developing countries in Africa and Asia, with expertise in linking microeconometric modelling of consumer behaviour and demand to urban systems models, and covering a wide range of application areas such as shared mobility services, private and fleet electric vehicles, and connected autonomous vehicles. As co-PI, she recently completed the InnovateUK-funded EFlex project, which was focused on the flexibility and resilience gains from electrification of fleets and the role of vehicle to grid charging technology. As co-I of the Singapore NRF-funded Smart Sensing project, she has also developed predictive models that link building energy use with the mobility patterns of individuals as well as electric vehicle use and charging patterns, which can be deployed to build demand side management models for resilient electricity networks. Aruna is a member of several scientific committees, including the Travel Forecasting committee of the Transportation Research Board in the US, and the ‘Infrastructure Operation and Traffic Management in Developing Countries’ committee of the World Conference on Transport Research Society.