Dr Andy Yuille

Senior Research Associate Lancaster University
Andy Yuille EDRC

Dr Andy Yuille is an interdisciplinary, qualitative social scientist. His research focuses on the relationships between society and environment, and in particular how we make public decisions about environmental change, and collective responses to those changes. Andy studies the ways in which public participation is facilitated, managed or excluded in decision-making processes, and how different kinds of people, participation, knowledge and value are legitimised or marginalised. Andy is particularly interested in democratic innovations – practices that seek new ways of engaging citizens in informing and shaping policy and decision-making. He has explored these themes in a variety of settings, including local authority responses to the climate emergency, the interactions between economic regeneration initiatives and climate policy, community-led land use planning, and circular economies in agri-food systems. These interests build on 15 years’ experience of working outside academia with cross-sector partnerships, community groups and NGOs, advocating for and delivering public engagement with decision-making at local, regional and national levels.