Sara Walker joins the Task Force of the Global Power System Transformation Consortium

News 30 April, 2024

Many of the changes happening in electricity grids are on the distribution system. These changes are contributing significantly to many of the challenges that system operators face when planning and operating the transmission system. Specifically, there are a range of issues identified by the Global Power System Transformation Consortium (G-PST) which are contingent on distributed energy resources (including photovoltaics, storage, electric vehicles, heat pumps, flexible demand).

The newly created Task Force on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) will address the research challenges for distributed energy resources. The purpose of this Task Force is to lay the foundations for all the work within the G-PST that addresses DER issues. This will have several advantages:

  • It will allow a more in-depth review of the DER research questions in the Research Agenda to identify shortcomings.
  • It will offer further guidance for a possible creation of a DER Implementation Council be in the future.
  • It may also identify some additional research questions that the G-PST could adopt subject to approval.
  • Finally, it will strongly position the G-PST to secure research funding in this crucial area.

Professor Sara Walker welcomed her appointment saying: “I am delighted to get involved with G-PST. For their Task Force to recognize the need for expertise on demand and flexibility is a significant step forward. This international Consortium is thinking holistically about the future of the electricity sector, and the opportunity to contribute EDRC research into the conversation is very welcomed”.