EDRC All Centre meeting

News 26 March, 2024

On 22nd February EDRC held an in-person full centre meeting at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. The meeting provided an opportunity to reconnect, share research updates and welcome new team members. This invaluable opportunity for face to face discussion will undoubtedly spark new collaborations and accelerate our research impact.

Defining equity

Driving and improving equity in the energy transition is a core part of EDRC, but how do we define equity in this context? This is a key question that feels easy to answer but the more you dive into it the harder it gets! The meeting included a workshop session exploring questions around equity from the point of view of each of EDRC’s research themes. We asked not only how we could define equity (or inequity), but also how we could measure it. This aspect is often overlooked, but from a research standpoint, it is key, as we want our research to create a tangible positive impact.

We discussed how our research can help identify and deliver more equitable outcomes, and some of the key aspects of equity in energy demand research that are commonly overlooked. We agreed on some equity elements, compared understanding, and challenged some pre-conceived notions. We also highlighted the importance of having a plurality of views and priorities rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality.

Adapting to a changing policy landscape

This year seems to have the potential to be transformative across the world, with important elections in the UK, US and other major economies, it can bring important changes in the energy and net zero space! We took the opportunity to discuss and plan how best to adapt to this fast changing policy landscape, while also being proactive in making our research useful, relevant and timely.

We also discussed the EDRC stakeholder events – four events held across each of the four UK nations. These events will introduce the centre and highlight the importance of energy demand action to deliver net zero with a focus on specific challenges in each area. For example, fuel poverty and the transition to low carbon heat are some of the key challenges for the Scottish just transition, and the main focus for the Scottish stakeholder event.

We expect lots of good research coming out this year. Watch this space!