National Energy Action

Ms. Helen Stockton

Head of Research
Fuel poverty and energy vulnerability; energy and social policy; energy and social justice insofar as they relate to domestic energy, energy consumption and energy transitions; integrating research, policy and insights to affect change; and brokering of knowledge across disciplines and sectors.

Helen leads the social research programme at the charity National Energy Action (NEA). Through research & evaluation, policy analysis and collaboration across fuel poverty, domestic energy and net zero, housing and health, Helen and the Research Team support NEA to be the expert voice on fuel poverty, putting people at the centre of policy and practice. Helen has over 20 years applied experience across fuel poverty, energy vulnerability and the impact of policy and practice interventions. Her areas of research interest span social policy, poverty and inequality, energy transitions and energy and social justice. She is enthusiastic how knowledge and insights can be better brokered between academia, policy and practice. Helen sits on the Advisory Boards of the Durham Energy Institute at Durham University and The Energy Demand Research Centre (EDRC), a consortium of 13 universities across the UK led by the Universities of Sussex and Newcastle.