Workshop16-17 November 2023

ADEPT Autumn Conference 2023

Creating strong places: leadership from the ground up

Place Directors have been instrumental in shaping our post-covid world, pursuing strategies to lower carbon emissions, improve resilience and support growth. The recent cost of living crisis with all-time high inflation and energy costs, has added yet another layer of challenge to our ability to deliver on climate change adaptation, economic prosperity through levelling up and vibrant thriving places.

Ongoing political uncertainty following 2023’s local elections, which saw change of control in a number of councils and the election of many new councillors, and the prospect of a general election next year create both challenges and opportunities. Place Directors have a real opportunity to get on the front foot, making the case for local government and shaping our agenda to ensure we are driving the right outcomes over the longer term.

This comes at a time of increasing public and government expectations for Place, with experience showing we cannot be complacent about the power of perception: we must take our partners with us, whether politicians, business or our local communities. The post-covid, cash-strapped, carbon reduction world requires new approaches and new skills for those delivering our place services.

The conference will explore the following themes:

  • Taking our places forward
  • Taking government with us
  • Taking our people with us

With a mix of plenary sessions and workshops looking at strengthening local powers, the future of transport, nature-based solutions, Live Labs 2, greening our urban places, thought leadership and more we look forward to welcoming you to Nottingham for some deep thinking and lively debate around the crucial issues affecting Place today.

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Key info

16 November 2023 - 17 November 2023

Crowne Plaza, Nottingham – Wollaton Street, Nottingham, NG1 5RH

Car parking is complimentary to guests staying at the Crowne Plaza overnight. Other delegates will need to adhere to the parking charges. Please click here for more information.