Problem and solution framework for energy-related inequities in the UK


The aim of this project is to build a comprehensive picture of intersecting energy-related inequities impacting different sociodemographic groups across the UK regions. This work will inform all Equity theme projects and cut across all EDRC transition challenges, eliciting expertise from those experiencing energy inequalities and building on work on distributional effects of pathways to Net Zero conducted within CREDS. We will map out the problem space and identify possible solutions to reduce energy-related inequalities. This includes conducting systematic academic and policy literature reviews, surveys, interviews, a Delphi study and workshops with key stakeholders from academia, local and national government. Additionally, we will conduct more targeted secondary data analysis to close identified knowledge gaps – e.g. by using the English Housing Survey and Understanding Society Survey – and drawing on the EDRC Citizens’ Panel (FUT) to supplement evidence where it is sparse but required. We will create a mapping of energy inequalities in the UK that will be updated periodically over the lifetime of EDRC to take into account new challenges and potential solutions.

Research questions:

  • What are the main aspects of energy equity in the UK?
  • What are possible solutions to mitigate those?