Local low energy futures

Team meeting


The opportunities and barriers to reducing energy demand across the regions and countries of the UK vary considerably. The UK’s regions are highly unequal, and there is a risk of further – or new – inequalities from the transition to a low carbon (and energy demand) society. At the same time, many assessments of the potential for energy demand reductions are conducted at the national scale.

This project therefore aims to construct a vision of local and regional low energy futures, building on the previous Positive Low Energy Futures (PLEF) scenarios. This will explore which options for energy demand reductions are place-specific, which are more universal, as well as the preferences of local areas and regions for particular types of energy demand solution. The project will also consider the energy demand reduction opportunities in the Devolved Administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The project will use a combination of scenario modelling at the subnational scale, interviews, focus groups, and policy analysis to provide a regional evidence base. It is hoped that this will inform energy demand policy, increasing its sensitivity to its spatial implications.

Research questions:

  • What are the regional opportunities and barriers to energy demand reduction in the UK?
  • What modelling approaches could be used to represent the energy demand reduction capabilities of the UK’s regions and countries?
  • What would Positive Low Energy Future scenarios look like for the Devolved Administrations?
  • How could energy policy become more sensitive to its varied spatial impacts?