Creating an Equity Living Lab (ELL) to test energy demand solutions


The aim of this project is to develop an Equity Living Lab to create a comprehensive lived experience picture of energy inequities and trial co-created solutions emerging from all themes and across all transition challenge areas. We will recruit about 200 households to create a living lab integrated with the EPSRC EDOL (EP/X00967X/1) and then collect high-resolution technical and contextual data within those households. These data include smart meter data, sensor data (e.g.  temperature, humidity, pollution), and contextual information (e.g. access to services, weather). The quality of data will be enhanced through the use of surveys, interviews and diaries to collect subjective experience. We will co-create context-dependent (e.g. changes in energy prices, extreme weather events) projects, including focus on overheating experience and effects on comfort and health, identifying options for mitigating negative effects, and investigating the justice of access to flexibility solutions.

Research questions:

  • What is the lived experience of “energy-poor” households?
  • What wider risk factors are they exposed to and what are the resulting physical and mental health risks?
  • How can we ensure that all can participate in flexibility solutions?