Dr Jacek Pawlak

Co-investigator, Research Fellow Imperial College London
Jacek Pawlak EDRC

Dr Jacek Pawlak is a Research Fellow at Imperial College London (Urban Systems Laboratory and Centre for Transport Studies) working in the fields of transport, urban systems, technology, and innovation. His background is in Economics, Geography and Transport Studies (Imperial College London and University College London). Between 2017 and 2023, he was a Committee Research Coordinator for the US Transportation Research Board Standing Committee on Effects of ICT on Travel choices (AEP35). He is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

In recent years, Dr Pawlak has been involved in research and consultancy work concerning understanding and modelling the role and impact of new technologies on transport and more broadly urban systems, using traditional and emerging data sources. To date, Dr Pawlak has been part of a number of large scale academic, industrial research and consultancy projects, including £7M EPSRC-funded IDLES project and £6M EPSRC-funded Digital City Exchange project at Imperial College London, £2M InnovateUK-RSSB-funded Project SWIFT (Superfast Wi-Fi In-Train for Future Travel). In addition, Dr Pawlak has extensive experience as a reviewer for academic journals and research agencies (UK and beyond) as well as an advisor to government departments and industrial bodies, including the Department for Transport, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and National Infrastructure Commission.